Online Video Poker Casino Canada

Poker is an old game, believed to have originated in New Orleans in the United States in the early 1800s. It became the game everyone wanted to try playing, and when it was pictured as the main game played on the Mississippi river boats of the Old American West, it became a fashionable game too. Many films were made, and books written on the poker tournaments that were held in those days.

These days, because of the amazing technology we have produced during the last decade or so, we can play poker either in a land based casino, or in an online casino on our laptop or desktop, or even on a smart phone or tablet. Video poker online is becoming ever more popular because of the convenience of being able to access the game whenever we want to, at home or in a train, or even waiting in the queue at the grocery store.

In Canada we can find many reputable online casinos in order to play and enjoy video poker. It is easy for Canadians to find an online casinos in Canada, as the site is extremely helpful and will direct you to the most convenient casino in your particular area.

Video poker is one of the favourites in the online gaming world, as it is an interactive video poker machines because we can decide which cards to keep and which to discard. There is a great deal of control for the player in this game, as we can select the amount we want to wager. Video poker is based on the well known five card draw poker, which is easy to understand and can be easily learnt. There are of course certain differences between the live game at a casino, and online video poker, where we play against a machine. There are many advantages to playing video poker as against any other form of the game, and we can take as long as we like to make any decisions.

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Different Forms of Video Poker Games

Once we have signed up to a good online video poker site, we can choose a game that we would like to play. In Canada, most of the internet video card game sites will let us have a few practice video poker games for free to make sure we feel confident enough to wager any real money. So it is easy to try out a few of the different video poker games offered before making a choice.

Jacks or Better is a good game to begin with, if players are just starting out on the online gaming adventure. The minimum winning hand is a pair of jacks, and for that we can win one coin of the stake. The maximum bet will be five coins, and for that we can win the five coins. The next best hand is two pairs, then three of a king, then a straight, a flush, a full house, and up until the best winning hand of a royal flush which can pay out 4000 coins.

Video poker is one of Canada’s favourite mobile casino games, and the site is a site to remember. This will direct players to the good video poker sites, and the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of the video poker games whenever we want to play and catch a few great winnings.