Online Roulette in Canada

Everyone, whether they play casino games or not, will instantly recognise the spinning roulette wheel as the classic image of the sophistication and the thrills of the casino. Roulette has been included in the casino industry in various forms since it all began. Every land casino will have a roulette wheel, and roulette is a dynamic and popular addition to the games offered at any top class online casino. Roulette online, is one the online casino games most often accessed by players in Canada, and indeed throughout the world.

Roulette goes all the way back to the 18th century, and originally was a game to be played by the nobility. Later in that century, it found its way to Monte Carlo, and became popular with players all over the world. There are now various forms of the game we can play, either at a land based casino or online.

The European form of roulette, which is probably the most popular in Canada, is played on a wheel with thirty six numbers in red and black, and one zero in green. The wheel is divided into the outside section and the inside section. The numbers range from 1 to 36 and are coloured either red or black. There is an equal number of red and black numbers, odd and even numbers, and high numbers and low numbers. The single zero in the European version of the game, is coloured green, and therefore adds a 37th pocket to the game that the ball can land on. When the ball does land on the green slot, our money placed on any of the red or black numbers will be lost.

American roulette has the same rules. The only difference is the second green slot, a double zero. This means an extra chance for the ball to land on a green slot, which means the money we placed in bets on the wheel stand an extra chance of being lost. This version is only played in the United States.

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Range of Online Casino Sites

In Canada will give you a list of all top class online casinos you can access on your mobile casino device. They will also be able to advise on which form of the roulette game is available. With the advent of the enormous advance in modern technology, the development of this exciting game to an online favourite has been easy and unsurprising, and its following is still increasing. What has made roulette so appreciated throughout the ages is the clear and simple wagering, and an excitement factor matched by few other games. The online version of the game shows no signs of losing its popularity.

The Safety Considerations

The wide range of reputable online casino sites in Canada has given the all players a wide choice of exciting games to play, as well as the undoubted convenience of being able to play these games whenever we want to. Real money casino roulette online is a great way for Canadians to enjoy the game without stirring from their house. It is important for us all to find the right online casino site in Canada, one we can trust to keep our money safe and secure, and that our winnings will be speedily paid out.

Canadians can be assured that will help you find the most suitable site to enjoy our games, and experience all the thrill of roulette without hesitation.