Keno Online Casinos in Canada

Keno is a very old game, originating in China centuries ago, and probably brought to the United States by Chinese labourers in the 1800s. The first form of Keno was called Chinese lottery, and was a fairly complicated game to play. However, in 1036 the game was simplified and made legitimate.

Online keno is a fast, exciting game that can play as quickly as a online slot machine. The game itself, like all lottery games throughout the world, is pretty straightforward. We pick the numbers, then we hold our thumbs.  There is no special tactical strategy we can use, but there are however, some tips we can make use of to try to improve our chances of a winning score.

Most of the recommended online casino sites in Canada will give players a great welcome signup bonus as well, which means we can play for free for a while. Some sites will offer a free Flash Keno game as a great way for players to get started in playing keno. In Canada brings you the very best in online keno sites specially selected for you.

Video keno has low minimum bets, and the house advantage is also fairly low. The difference between keno and other lottery games is that we can play specific numbers in many different ways. The basic form of online casino Keno is simple. There are 80 numbers to choose from, and only 20 of them come up in each draw.  We can mark from 1 spot to 15 spots, and also mark various combinations of these numbers.  Each number is called a spot, and we can pick a four spot ticket or an eight spot ticket.

Canada’s Favourite Keno Online

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The player does have time to review the numbers chosen and to analyse the ticket before the game. And when you are ready to play, simply click the button marked Play, and the game begins. Unlike bingo, where numbers are called until there is a winner, the game of keno is over when all 20 numbers have been drawn at random, regardless of whether there is a winner or not. The more numbers we pick correctly, the larger will be the potential payout.

Various Tickets and Various Stakes

Stakes at different online sites in Canada can vary, but often start very low. If you are unsure of which numbers to choose, another benefit offered by the top online casino sites in Canada, is an easy option called a QuickPick. This will choose a selection of numbers for us, and all we have to do is choose how many numbers we want.

There are different tickets you can choose, to increase the chances of a win. There is a way ticket, with two or more sets of numbers. There is a split ticket, and there is a combination ticket, which is versatile but pretty complicated. These variations can be used when players have enjoyed the game for a while and feel they know what is expected.

Play Keno at any of the casinos recommended by us and enjoy premium instant win entertainment whenever you desire.