Android Watch Casino Games in Canada

The benefits and future prospects are clear. Although at the moment the range of Android watch casino games available may be limited, this is clearly set to change in the very near future. The one casino game platform provider that has already taken steps in this direction is in fact the largest casino game developer of all, Microgaming. Already having produced their popular slots game, Thunderstruck, in a format designed for the very popular Android watch.

Canadians will find an intriguing game, complete with a Norse mythology theme, functionally optimised to be enjoyed on this wristwatch of the future. Enthrallingly, this game has proven even more well-liked and wide spread than expected. Despite necessarily limiting the amount of information that can be seen on a single screen, it seems players are finding the action and thrills perfectly sufficient. Microgaming has recently also adapted the famous slot machine Dark Knight Rises to be played on the Android watch, as the list of casino games continues to grow.

These wearable smartwatches are about to add a whole new level of access to casino play and gambling. The thrills of particularly the spinning reels can now be experienced with ridiculous ease on a crowded train or during a lunch break at work, and without fear of ever dropping the device!

Enter the Casino Game Market

In the ten years since the start of the mobile casino revolution, the casino industry has created an expectation of new mobile games coming out all the time. The top online casino sites in Canada are certainly part of this, and the reason why we need to select the best sites for you at, to better present them. Smartphone users, and particularly Android operating system users, already know that this is where they are able to find all the online casino classics that they can wish for.

The app and game diversity is enormous, with the mobile market capable of fantastic game quality and design, and now with amazing winning opportunities. These are coupled with many site-specific bonuses. The mobile format that is leading it all is Android. Now that the smartwatch revolution is upon us, these parameters show no signs of changing, and Android is bound to be the major casino game format. Android watch casino games will still be the best virtual recreational games to play.

Casino Game Developmental Challenges

This watch development, the latest technological trend, actually runs counter to the smartphone tendency to be bigger. There are now several types of smartwatch available, a situation which brings developers of games and apps with fresh challenges of adapting their products to the tiny screen and requirements of a smartwatch.

Fully Functional Devices

These compact, wearable devices retain all the functionality of a smart phone. Strapped to your wrist, they cannot be dropped or mislaid, and yet provide instantaneous access to the time, internet and social media. Plus a growing host of casino games and apps. Certainly they are also a fashion statement, but their popularity is growing exponentially and it should come as no surprise that the casino industry are racing to get their games to these astounding little devices.

Android watch casino games development has begun. Numerous casino slots games are already available to Canadians who wish to play games on an Android smartwatch, and many more are lined up. Aficionados, watch this space!